Building B2B SaaS app

Elara - Maintenance Management Application for Factories

I work with the early-stage B2B startup, Elara, to build the user-centric product from scratch. Elara is a cloud-based application for the maintenance teams in manufacturing workshops that accelerates their productivity by simplifying the collaboration, knowledge management, and performance analysis process.

My work at Elara

Due to confidential reasons, I cannot disclose specific features. I’m however able to share a few snapshots from my journey in building the user-centric application with Elara team.

If you are interested to learn more, feel free to get in touch!

CI Guideline

The first thing I did at Elara was to revise the existing design material to ensure consistency, feasibility, and conformity.

I built a Cooperate Identity Guideline that polished the logo, fonts, colours, icons, illustrations, and print/digital templates. This guideline is carried along across the product design, and has been utilised in various business areas by internal and external teams.

UX Research

In cooperation with internal team and external stakeholders, we conducted interviews, surveys, on-site visitings to understand their needs, goals, and mental models. With the collected information, we utilised persona, user story, information architecture, and many other investigative methods to inform and shape the product. The research helped us to find the commonalities across our target audience and create an application that fits both user’s needs and business demands.


I translate the findings in the research into product design concepts and present them through wireframes. The quick outlines serve as overviews of the product experience, which establish the structure and flow of possible design solutions.

The wireframe enhance my collaboration with team in early stage of product design by speeding up the ideation and testing process.

Hi-fi interface & prototype

I am responsible for the interface design of all the screens across devices for Elara web app. I design the hi-fi visuals, write design specs, create clickable prototypes, and take care of hand over to developers.

Design System

I created a holistic design system in Figma using component library and variants, and continuously maintain them as the product develops. The replicable components in the system are truly time-saver that allows us to create prototypes in a matter of several clicks while keeping the highest consistency.

I was invited to a workshop hosted by our investor to share this design system with the designers from other startups.

Design Workshop

Design workshops are regularly conducted in our interdisciplinary team to optimise the product and ideate new features. I create (and continuously modify) workshop templates for different scenarios. The workshop models help the team to systematise the work flaw, document the thinking process, and facilitate non-designers to contribute to design thinking.

Usability Analytics

Apart from remote or onsite user interviews with our pilot customers, we utilise unmoderated analytic methods like heatmaps and session recordings to evaluate the usability of our product. With the gathered information, we observe the bugs, issues, obstacles of the application and develop empathy for real users using the product.

Also, I work on:

Mirco Animations

I have a lot of fun creating micro animations to make the product experience more pleasant.


I am responsible for most of the copywriting of our application in German.

Business Materials

I assist the marketing team with the design of the sales material.