A new ecosystem for electronics

When an electronic device is discarded, most components inside are still in perfect condition for hacking, repairing, or reusing.

Actually, with just 15 kinds of electronic components, we can create 80% of the electronics used everyday.

"Hacko" is a construction kit for electronics, consisting of 9 disked-shaped electronic element of specific properties.


The element can be configured physically on the tablet to create a functional electronic device for individual purpose.

If you don't like DIY, there are many template on the app. Just simply place the element on the on the corresponding icon to activate it.

After being programmed, they can be placed on the stand for daily use.

The bracket on the back of the stand can be rotated to different angle to fit in different usage context: standing, hooking, or hanging.

With Hacko, you can, for example, create a baby camera:

When the baby gets older, the elements can be reclaimed and reconfigured to be a door intercom:

Hacko's endless possibility makes technology changeable, upgradable and reusable!

Hacko CMF Strategy