Hi! My name is Yi-Ting Chen

Hi! My name is
Yi-Ting Chen

I design

I design


A new ecosystem for electronics

Inspired by design hacks in our everyday lives, Hacko modularized electronic components and create a system that allows users to develop their own technical product solutions.

#Hardware #Software #Interaction #UX/UI


Redesigning morning coffee rountine

Rouse is an alarm clock that  wakes you up by the smell and the sound of coffee preparation. It offers the perfect start to your daily routine, making your morning at home easier and even more pleasant. 

#Hardware #Software #IoT #UX/UI


Mixed-reality container for memories

Gems is a smartphone application for memories. In hybrid reality, the remarkable moments are stored and visualized as distinctive gemstones, and can be explored with AR camera on site.

#Hardware #Software #AR App #UX/UI

Melody Railroader

Visualization of music theory

Through the metaphor between railway-toy and music, Melody Railroader makes the abstract music theory intuitive and understandable for kids.

#Hardware #Interaction #User Research